MAIN RULES (new members must read)

-- All new members must make a minimum of **15 posts** before they are granted access to the download function, the ability to search, the use of a signature, access to all topics, and editing their posts.

-- All members absolutely *MUST* have a profile picture for their profile - If you do not follow this simple rule, you will be given a *3 MONTH* ban on your account. You may choose any default image that we offer, or upload your own in the »User CP

Rules and guideline you must follow when posting music

  • All new members must learn to use the [hide] code when posting links to music downloads and any related material.
    See (link) »BBCode in the Help Documents for info on how to use the [hide] code.
  • Place your post in the appropriate section of the forum.
  • Double check your links to ensure that they are working before posting them. Don't forget to use the [hide] code!
  • When posting, add the title, year and genre to the body of your post.
  • Include album cover art if possible. Include track lists for links that contain multiple tracks.
  • Help fill in requests for music.
  • Links that are not working will be deleted.

Break these rules and you will be banned permanently

  • No excuses that you are too busy to contribute but you have the time to come in and leech music - your activity is monitored closely by TZone staff.
  • Uploading content from Trinimix Zone to other websites is strictly disallowed. Any users found doing so will be permanently banned and your IP blocked.
    All TZone staff are aware of other related websites and closely monitor content from website that gets posted elsewhere.
  • Absolutely no ripping audio from YouTube videos and posting the uploaded file.
  • Any members who are known to or display unwanted behaviour outside of Trinimix Zone and somehow is effecting the forum will be banned.
    This includes turning rogue against members or the TZone community as a whole.

Not following these rules will result in temporary bans or warnings

  • As stated above. You will be banned for 3 MONTHS if you do not follow this simple rule - it is required for every user choose an avatar / profile image, either from the default images provided by us or your own.
    You can change your profile pic in the »User CP.
  • Users that are constantly being reminded to follow any of the other rules will be issued warning. If multiple warnings are given, you either will be temporarily banned or have your posting/downloading privileges taken away.

General rules that all users must respect and follow

  • Contribute to the forum so we all can benefit from it.
  • No obscene language or bashing of other users.
  • No spamming. Do not post links to your website or YouTube videos to promote yourself in the music section. If you would like to advertise, please do so in the appropriate forum.
  • No posting of rubbish just to get your post count up.
  • If you have been given the privilege of a Moderator or VIP and you are not frequently posting or moderating, your privileges will be taken away. We are strict about this, so don't ask for a title if you aren't prepared follow through.